Naji's Striker Clinic

Coach Naji's Summer Striking Clinic is back again! 
MON, 7/25- FRI 7/29 - 5PM - 8PM
This program is only offered a few times a year and it sells out each time.

Curriculum: Developing the players technique and skill to become a great striker as well as igniting the passion and attitude to take the risks needed to score goals. This will include long shots, shooting from angles, crossing and finishing, breakaways, exercises to improve explosiveness and agility, headers (age and ability appropriate), and volleys. We are also planning to use technology to show the players their technique on slow motion replays. These clips will only be used in camp for educational purposes then deleted. If any individuals do not want their child recorded, they can let Coach Naji know.

You only have a few more days to sign up before registration closes! Here is the link below to secure your player's spot: