Small vs Full Sided

Small Sided / Full Sided
The PTA (Player Training Academy) will be a 6-8 week program for players who are looking to get extra training to focus on their individual skills outside their normal team. Many players in the club are looking for extra training and pay anywhere between $200 and $300 for this training, while having to drive close to an hour. 
The PTA is designed to provide an opportunity for players to focus on individual skills will staying within the club to have similar or better training for a lower cost and closer to home.
The curriculum for PTA is as follows:
Week 1: First Touch Control
Week 2: Passing and Receiving (Supporting Angles)
Week 3: Small Group Possession
Week 4: Moves
Week 5: Stop Starts
Week 6: Turns
Week 7: 2v1’s/2v2’s
Week 8: 3v2’s/3v3’s
We understand that we can’t accommodate everyone and hopefully this program can grow and we can offer additional times in the future. The cost for the session will be around $115 per player for all 6-8 sessions and include a t-shirt to be worn at all the practices.  These sessions are 1 and ½ hour long in duration and are broken down by age group.