Practice Away From Practice

In the book 'Talent is Overated' by Geoff Colvin, Practice away from practice is said to be what separates the good from the 'elite' in any field. Working on Soccer skills away from the training field as an individual is a necessity if the player is serious about their soccer development. These activities are hard, not fun, not enjoyable, challenging repetitions are needed and it is tiring. Now for the good news! Due to the dedication and determination needed to train like this, most players won't do it which will give you the advantage if you have what it takes. Feedback is vital which is where the role of the coach comes into play. You need a coach to see what you can't which is why Golf pro's still use teachers. A good analogy to use is, training with no feedback is like ten pin bowling through a curtain!

Below are some examples of excellent videos of ball workouts for players to use. These videos come from which additional training plans can be purchased from.

BMS Phase 1 footwork program -

BMS Phase 2 footwork program -

BMS Phase 3 footwork program -