3M Rules and Responsibilities


 Coaches Responsibility:
Coaches are expected to maintain control of their assistant coach, players and parents. Any and all complaints related to the game are to be dealt with in a civilized manner after the game and/or through your club’s director.
·         Coaches are asked to instill in their players a commitment to participate in league games on a regular basis. Coaches must check with their team that enough players will be available for all scheduled games prior to notifying the opposing coach. Home team coach must contact visiting team coach by Wednesday evening before the Saturday game to confirm the date, location, field and time of the game. If a game must be postponed due to a shortage of players, the coach should notify their league director and then contact the coach of the opposing team. This reason will only be accepted once during the season.
·         Games cancelled due to inclement weather or field conditions, shall be rescheduled with primary choice being Sunday, 8 days after the scheduled game (if at all possible). Home team coaches must contact their league director to confirm field availability for that date and contact the opposing team’s coach of the rescheduled game (date and time).
·         Players should be present one-half (1/2) hour prior to the start of the game. Visiting teams will be given 15 minutes from the scheduled start of a game to field a team. If a team does not have a sufficient number of players (8) to begin the game, it will be counted as a forfeit (see Rule #2 below). Less than 10 players for a game will be deemed a forfeit after the first offense.
·         Coaches must have medical release forms in their possession at all games. Referees will be informed to check these forms prior to the start of each game.
·         Only registered (local club and NJYSA) players may participate in the games.
·         Games will consist of two-40 minute halves for the Junior division and two-45 minute halves for the Mid & Senior divisions.
·         Teams must play with an equal number of players on the field. If a team is short players (less than 10) and the opposing team has an excess of substitutes, the team short players must take players from the opposing team (if offered) to field a full team. If the opposing team only has a few substitutes, the teams will each “play down” a player or two.
·         Teams are encouraged to keep the game competitive. No team should “run up” the score. Teams should not win by more than 6 goals.
·         Substitutions can be made on goal kicks, after a goal and on your own throw-ins. 
·         A player receiving a “red card” shall be suspended for the next game. Two yellow cards in the same game results in a red card and a suspension for the next game. An aggregate of 4 yellow cards will constitute similar discipline to a red card infraction. Once receiving a red card penalty, the recipient must meet with the Disciplinary committee before reinstatement. It is the coaches’ responsibility to monitor “yellow” & “red” cards and to report them with the scores to our 3M website administrator for recordkeeping.
·         Playoff seeding tiebreakers (in this order) will be by: record, head to head, goals against, goals scored, coin flip.